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Theo Paphitis and James Lally prepare for the 'Chertsey sausage' taste test


Chorizo, Cabernet Sauvignon, shallots and Monterey Jack cheese made for a winning combination in the fundraising 'Chertsey sausage' contest

Flavours from the Mediterranean helped Shepperton-born and bred Chris Mallory come up with his prize-winning 'Chertsey sausage' recipe.

The 43-year-old, who now lives in Doncaster, conjured up a blend of chorizo, Cabernet Sauvignon, shallots and Monterey Jack cheese.

The idea of making an actual Chertsey sausage was dreamt up by James of Shepperton Butchers after its namesake - the aqua dam set up in Chertsey during the River Thames flooding - was removed last month.

Recipe ideas were suggested by readers of Get Surrey and the Surrey Herald & News - then whittled down to a shortlist of three by butcher James Lally - before enterpreneur Theo Paphitis chose his winner on Wednesday morning.

The other contenders were Dee Gooch, from Chertsey, with her honey, mead and mustard sausage, and Tony Rogers, from Staines, with his white wine, fennel seeds and Provolone cheese creation.

All three sausages are being sold at James of Shepperton for a week, with the winner then going on nationwide sale and proceeds being put towards flood recovery appeal efforts in the area.

He was unable to receive the congratulations of Theo Paphitis on Wednesday morning, but said he was looking to visit at Easter to pick up a stock of his famous sausages.

Having been educated at St Nicholas Primary School and Thamesmead School, he described Shepperton as “home”.

He said: "I spent the first 18 to 19 years of my life in Shepperton. I hope to return there when I retire.  I call it home as it is where I had a really happy childhood.  As much as I would have loved to have been there today, it is 200 miles away and I had an important meeting.  I look forward to visiting James Lally at James of Shepperton Butchers soon."

Residents also got the opportunity to taste the three Chertsey sausage finalists when a community BBQ was held at the butchers at the weekend.

Our live blog reporter Chris Caulfield took his own Chertsey sausage taste test and came up with a different conclusion to Theo Paphitis