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Rare Breed and Free Range Meat

We have built our reputation on sourcing only the most natural products, reared using the purest farming methods and can trace our meat from farm to plate. All our meat is from England or Scotland, and visits to our supplier’s farms twice a year means we know our animals are wonderfully cared for. We source Traditional Native Rare breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot, Red Poll, Angus and Long Horn.

Gloucester Old Spot Pigs

The rearing of the Gloucester Old Spot encourages the development of the fine grained meat.   It has a distinct layer of backfat and marbling within the meat. That layer of backfat means that it is hardy enough for outdoor production but it also means that when the meat is cooking, it is being basted in its own fat making the meat succulent and full of flavour.  We do not use additive or growth promoters, the pigs are reared in the traditional way and live a further ten weeks in a stress-free environment.

Red Poll

The Red Poll is the native breed of Suffolk and Norfolk and has been recognised as a breed for well over 200 years. These counties, which lie in a low rather marshy part of England, border the North Sea and have soil that is generally lacking in fertility. The first general agricultural records of England record a great interest in dairy, particularly in Suffolk County. However, the farmers did not specialise in dairy animals but preferred cattle with a combination of milk production and high quality carcasses. Red Poll is on the rare breeds list and originates from Breeding of the Norfolk Red and the Suffolk Dun. Much of the flavour of the beef comes from the fat, which is well marbled and yellowish in colour, indicating a grass-fed animal. The meat is fine-grained and full red in colour.